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Letter Of Subhash Chandra Bose Shri N.C. Kelkar Was Written From Prison In Myanmar


Text introduction – Letter of Subhash Chandra Bose Shri N.C. Kelkar was written from prison in Myanmar (Burma). This letter is a powerful composition of literature. Lokmanya Tilak’s imprisonment has been depicted in this letter.

Lokmanya Tilak has also mentioned the conditions under which Geeta Bhashti is composed. It is also mentioned that Lokmanya Tilak had to go through jail in the prison. The untimely aspects of Tilak’s character have been highlighted.

Summary of Lessons – Subhash Chandra Bose, Shri N. Letter from C. Kelkar informs Lokmanya Tilak of the terrible torture given in jail. Netaji has written this letter from Myanmar (Burma) jail. He has written that among many physical and mental tortures, Lokmanya Tilak has introduced patience, courage and concentration by composing a book called ‘Gita Bhishya’.

In the letter, Shri Kelkar has been informed that I have been transferred from the Barhampur jail (Bengal) to the Mandalay jail. How Tilak has created a ‘Geeta Bhashya’ between high predictive and discouraging environments? . Netaji has expressed displeasure over the fact that he has been deported from India to Myanmar (Burma), but he is also happy that Tilak is imprisoned where he is imprisoned there. Tilak had imprisoned for six years in Mandale Prison.

There was a lack of intellectual atmosphere and Tilak was not allowed to meet anyone because he was the culprit of the Penal Code.Tilak was also lamented about the political mood of the country in jail. Tilak corrected hard torture in jail in the opposite natural environment with diabetes in old age.

Philosophical philosopher like Lokmanya Tilak maintained a mental balance between that mechanism and enslavement and recited a vast and epoch-making text like ‘Geeta Bhishya’. When Tilak left the jail, his days were counted. We have lost one of the greatest men in this way by the country one by one.